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Welcome to the Aurora Sportsmen's Club Practical Precision Rifle Season  

Practical Precision Rifle Matches are a fast-paced long range shooting competition that will test your rifle marksmanship as you manage various barricades and obstacles to engage targets from 100 - 600 yards.  Matches are divided up into 8-10 stages where you will engage steel targets from different supported and unsupported positions as well as managing various barricades for support.  Target sizes are designed to be challenging.  Target distances are usually known so shooters should have a good DOPE out to 600 yards.

Matches are held every SECOND SATURDAY of the month APRIL through OCTOBER.  Excluding SEPTEMBER due to the ASC Zombie Shoot.  Registration opens up at 8am.  Mandatory safety brief at 8:30 am.  Matches start at 9am.  Matches typically take 3 - 4 hours to complete.  Any time left over we tend to use as a free shoot.  

Bolt action rifles are the most common firearm of choice but Semi-automatic platform rifles are welcome.  Bolt action rifles and semi-automatic rifles will be scored the same.  

Magnum calibers are not allowed.  Please adhere to a 3100 fps maximum muzzle velocity for all rounds fired.  Typical calibers are .308, 6.5 Creedmoor, .260 Remington, 6mm, 7mm, and .243 Winchester


Shooters should bring a scoped rifle, bipod, ammo and good DOPE.  Shooters can also use support bags and slings but are not required.  Certain stages may limit the use of support bags and props. 

The Rules:

Shoot what you bring

You must compete in all stages with the same rifle

You must attend the safety brief and adhere to all of the safety rules



Each target impact is worth 1 point with the exception of KYL racks.  The shooter with the highest point total at the end of each match will be declared the match winner.  The winner of the match will always receive 100 points and the last place finisher will always receive roughly 50 points.  All remaining field shooters will receive points based on their finish place and match factor. 


A match has 45 shooters.  Match Factor Calculation 50/ 45 shooters = 1.11 Match Factor. 

1st place = 100, 2nd place = 100 – 1.11 = 98.89, 3rd place = 98.89 – 1.11 = 97.78 etc….


Shooters top three scores will be added together to establish the shooters overall season points.  The shooter with the highest number of points for the season at the conclusion of the finale match will be declared the PPR champion!  The finale match will be worth double points. 

This is only the scoring system for the Aurora Sportsmen's Club.  When scores are uploaded to Border Wars Series, PRS Club Series etc shooter match points will be formulated based on the scoring systems established for those series.  Shooters should reference the individual scoring systems for the match series they are participating in to understand how your final match points will be calculated.   


$25 ASC members: $35 for non-ASC members.  Registration is done through  Coming Soon! ASC is working on a feature that will allow shooters to register right from the calendar.

Lost Boys Match:

We are sad to announce that the NRL has chosen not to support the 2022 Border Wars
Series. Border Wars was a great shooting series that challenged your shooting skill but
was also focused on the fun in the sport. Carrying that same idea forward the Lost
Boys matches are single day matches that are fun and challenging. Lost Boys Matches will put your money where your mouth is with cash payouts for the top 3 shooters.

Lost Boys Matches are outlaw style matches lasting only 1 day. No season cumulative scoring. Run what you brung and gloat while the sun is up because tomorrow is a new day and a new match.

The matches will be run using the same scoring as the regular club season matches.

Match Registration is $50. Shooters can register on Practiscore.

ASC Will be hosting 2 Lost Boys Matches. May 14th and July 9th.

For more information about the Lost Boys matches please visit the Facebook Group

Precision Rifle Series Club Series

The ASC PPR team is also pleased to announce its partnership with the Precision Rifle Series Club Series (PRS Club Series) in 2022.  Similar to the Border War Series registered shooters will have access to a series of 1 day club matches hosted at various clubs in the Midwest region.  Shooters will be scored against other shooters in the region with the top shooters being invited to a finale match.  More information about the series can be found here:


How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Contact Jonathan Trice with any questions or comments.

Cell: 312-656-8404

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.