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ASC Club Pistol

This monthly match is open to members and non-members and is great for both beginners and experienced shooters. Juniors are especially welcome.

The match is fired from 25 yards. We hang six targets, with one marked as practice for sighters. Unlimited sighters are allowed, shot whenever you like them (before, after, between targets for score). 5 shots for score are fired at each of the other five targets with no time limit.

Shoot the match with a rimfire handgun, and again with a centerfire if you like. $5 per match for members, $10 a match for non-members. The funds collected will be split between the club and a small prize pool. No fees or prize pool for juniors.

The Match takes place as shown on the schedule below - May through November - Sign in from Noon to 2:30 PM.

The Match will be held on the East Side Bullseye range.

2023 Dates:

  • May 7th
  • June 4th
  • July 2nd
  • August 6th
  • September 3rd
  • October 1st
  • November 5th - warther permitting
  • 20232 Club Pistol Flyer: 2023 Club Pistol Flyer

Registration is not required. Please have cash on the day of the event.

Course of Fire:

Firearm: Any pistol

  • Any rimfire handgun or any caliber centerfire handgun, single shot, revolver or semi-auto

Sights:  Any sights

  • Metallic, any (open, peep, etc.)
  • Electronic, any (dot, laser, etc.)
  • Telescopic, any type

Distance: 25 yards

Target: ASC "Club" target - scores X through 5; 1" 'X', 2" 10 ring, 4" 9 ring, etc.

Stance: Free standing (Cannot lean against bench, posts, etc.). One handed or two-handed grip permitted.

Course of Fire: 5 Targets, 5 shots in each target with no time limit. Unlimited sighters (at any time) on pre-marked sighter club target.  You are allowed any number of shots per target, until you get 5 hits in the scoring rings.  Excessive scoring hits result in the low 5 scoring hits being counted.

Scoring: Point scoring

  • High score - high X: 250-25X maximum.

Match Director: Bob McLear

Questions? Contact Bob McLear (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)