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F-Class is a shooting sport that originated in 1995. It was intended for those familiar with or interested in Long-Range shooting. It is easy to get into and learn and a lot of fun! 

The matches are shot in a manner referred to as "slow fire" (as opposed to "rapid fire"). Only one round in the gun at a time. Got a 30-round magazine? Fine, but you can only load one round at a time. Because you shoot next to a competitor from a prone position, muzzle breaks are not allowed, and the caliber must be under 35 cal. The 6mm, 6.5 mm, 284 (7mm), and several 30 cals are commonly found on the line in Mid-Range F-Class Open matches. For F-TR, the .223 Rem and 308 Win are your go-to. 

 At ASC, we usually shoot three "strings" of 20 shots. They might all be at one distance (say, 600yds), or you may have to change yard lines between each string (300, 500, 600yds). At 600 yards, your goal is to hit the 3" diameter X-ring as often as possible. ASC uses Silver Mountian Electronic Target, which will display your score and the location of your hit on your phone, tablet, or laptop within 7 seconds of your shot. You adjust your aim and shoot again. If you hit the "9" ring, you get a score of 9; if you hit the 10 ring or the X ring, you get a score of 10, 8 points for 8 ring, and so on. After 20 shots for record, your score is totaled, and that is your final score for that "relay." Each match consists of 3 relays for 60 shots (+sighter shots) per match. Expect to shoot 70 to 75 rounds of ammo at a match.

 F-Class targets are fairly challenging. The X-ring is 1/2 minute across, and the 10-Ring is 1 minute across. It's just a little over a 1/4 minute from the edge of the X ring to the 9 ring, not a lot of room for error. 

 If you plan to compete in Mid-Range F-Class, below is a list of equipment you should bring:

  • Rifle chambered in .223-35 cal (only one round in the gun at a time). Any power scope is permitted, so long as the rifle does not exceed the weight limit.
  • Front rest, bipod, or sandbag
  • Rear bag ("rabbit-ear" style bag is acceptable)
  • Shooting mat
  • At least 70 rounds of ammunition. Hand-loaded or Match-grade ammunition.
  • Spotting scope and stand optional.

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