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Aurora Sportsmen's Club Outlaw Steel Challenge


What is Outlaw Steel Challenge?

Outlaw Steel Challenge is like traditional steel challenge with a caveat; the goal of this outlaw format is to test your shooting ability rather than your ability to memorize patterns.

If you're starting with a rimfire/PCC rifle, or rimfire pistol, you will start at low ready. For centerfire pistols, you're start loaded and holstered with your hands in the surrender position. At the beep, you'll engage 5 steel targets in any order, with one steel target painted a different color indicating it's the stop plate, meaning the plate you shoot last after shooting the other 4. You'll repeat this a total of 5 times with your worst time thrown out and the other four used to calculate your stage time.

The matches typically consist of 5 stages setup one stage per bay. Each stage will have an array of 5 pieces of static steel with one piece of steel painted a different color to indicate that it’s the stop plate, which is the plate that you shoot last.

When are the matches?

Setup starts at 8 am. All attendees please take part in setup if you can. We are an all-volunteer group.

Check in starts at 8:30 am. Safety Brief at 8:45 am. All attendees must be present for the safety brief to participate in the event. Match starts at 9 am.

For 2024 our match dates are 4/27, 5/25, 6/22, 7/27, 8/24, 9/28 and 10/26. We will send out notices if our schedule changes.

What about Equipment and Ammo?

Basic Equipment needed:

  • A Centerfire pistol (revolver or semi-auto) or Pistol Caliber Carbine
  • A belt and holster to fit your gun
  • 2 magazines or 2 speed-loaders, with belt pouches
  • 200 rounds of ammo
  • Eye and Ear protection
  • Calibers allowed will be 22lr, 38 special, 9mm, 40 S&W, and 45 ACP

Are there different Divisions?

Rimfire Divisions:

  • Rimfire pistol irons - standard rimfire pistol like Ruger Mark IV, Buckmark, etc. No optics or compensators allowed
  • Rimfire pistol optics - Same or similar pistols as above, but one optic on the pistol is allowed along with a compensator
  • Rimfire rifle irons - This division is your rimfire AR’s, Ruger 10/22’s, etc. No optics allowed, only iron sights.
  • Rimfire rifle optics - one optic allowed, Compensator

Centerfire Divisions:

  • PCC - any pistol caliber carbine with or without optics, compensators, etc. The same rules as USPSA.
  • Open - anything goes, non-bottlenecked pistol calibers. Optics either slide ride or frame mounted, compensators, etc. This division will have similar divisions requirements as open in USPSA
  • Limited - this is your iron sight race gun division. Non-bottlenecked pistol calibers. No lasers, flashlights, red dots, or comps as those will move you into open.
  • Production - this division is your stock Glock, Springfield XD, XDM, M&P, etc. No add on magwells, optics, etc. 9mm only for this division. No mag capacity limits like USPSA. If your mags hold 21 rounds, you can load them up.
  • Carry Optics - same rules as production except you get to have a slide mounted red dot sight. No external magwells, and no comps.
  • Single Stack - 1911 models only. Holster and division requirements can be found in USPSA’s rulebook Revolver - any revolver can be used; however, the calibers must adhere to those allowed below. No magnum calibers allowed.

Revolver Divisions:

  • Optic Sight Revolver which uses a red dot or similar non magnified optic, and iron sight which can use a fiber optic insert in the front sight, but no red dot optics to be used.


What is the cost for a match?

Match Fees: The prices are $10 for ASC members, and $20 for non-members. Second gun is an additional $5

You must be member of ASC Club on Practiscore for the member discount to be reflected in the pricing at registration.

Register at:          

Who can I contact with questions?

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