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Precision Shooting Sports

Looking for opportunities to regularly shoot with a friendly group of people? Then come out and join the Aurora Sportsmen's Precision Shooting department for supervised practice and competitive matches. Precision shooting is a growing department at ASC. These competitions focus on precision and hitting the bullseye every time for high scores. Time is usually at a relaxed pace with the emphasis on accuracy. Here are the divisions in Precision Shooting:

Bench Rest

VFS "Varmint For Score" is a 100 yard Benchrest match shot from a tripod front rest and sand bag rear rest or bipod front and sand bag rear. Rifles must be 22lbs or less, any caliber, any sight. Muzzle brakes are allowed but must shoot at the left end of the firing line. Course of fire is 25 shots for score,one shot per bullseye, with unlimited sighters on the sighter bullseye.and uses the IBS/NBRSA 100 Yard Hunter class target. Competition begins at 10:00 am and all targets must be completed by 2:00 pm.

F-class Smallbore

In NRA Approved Smallbore F-Class we shoot scoped 22LR rifles from the prone position off of a bipod or front rest at targets from 50 to 100 yards.  All matches are slow fire (each stage involves firing 20 rounds in 20 minutes).  Scores are submitted to the NRA for classification.

Bullseye ( ASC Bullseye Web Page )

"Bullseye", aka "Precision Pistol" is the oldest and longest running organized pistol competition event. As the name denotes, the focus is precision and the discipline required to maintain a good sight picture while squeezing the trigger. Bullseye is shot with .22 or center fire pistols. Most any semi-auto pistol or revolver, with any non-projection sights, is allowed (no laser sights). All firing is done offhand at 25 and 50 yards.Shooters are generally grouped by classification (skill level) or through a handicap system. A typical match at ASC requires 90 rounds of ammunition. ASC Bullseye welcomes shooters of all ages, either sex, and any skill level. Due to limited firing points, reservations are generally recommended. Further information is available, and reservations can be made, by contacting "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.".

F-class Mid-range

F-class is a slow-paced long-distance marksmanship competition shot from a prone position. Any caliber rifle may be used under .35. Bolt action rifles are the standard with a scope, front bipod or rest, and a rear bag. Shooters are allowed to zero their scopes at 600 yards then there are three rounds of competition which has twenty rounds fired in each. One cartridge per time is allowed in the rifle. No muzzle brakes are allowed. A perfect score is six-hundred which everyone strives to achieve.

Across the Course

Traditional NRA High Power Rifle competition, also known as “Across the Course” (XTC), requires that your arms and body support the full weight of the rifle while shooting targets from multiple positions. Typical High Power XTC competition includes standing and rapid fire sitting at 200 yards, rapid fire prone at 300 yards, and slow fire prone is shot at 600 yards.

Club Pistol Matches

The course of fire is simple, with the match being fired at 25 yards. We hang six targets and mark one of the targets for sighters. Unlimited sighters, fired whenever you like them. 5 shots in each of the other 5 targets for score, no time limit. Shoot the match with a rimfire handgun, and again with centerfire if you like. $5 a match for members, $10 a match for non-members. The funds collected will be split between the club and a small prize pool.