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Smallbore F-Class

Smallbore F-Class is a slow fire prone discipline. Competition is limited to 22LR rifles. Matches are fired at known distances of 50 yards, 50 meters, and/or 100 yards. Matches are single-load, and while not required, most shooters use bolt-action target rifles. A typical match is two strings of 20 rounds in 20 minutes each at 50 yards, followed by two strings of 20 rounds in 20 minutes at 100 yards.

This is a precision shooting discipline, and the targets are small. At 50 yards, the X ring is about the diameter of a .22 caliber bullet and the 10 ring is about the diameter of a dime. The entire bullseye target is a little over 5.5 inches in diameter. At 100 yards, the 10 ring is 1” in diameter. Any shot which passes through the 10 ring without breaking the outer edge of the ring is scored as an X. The entire bullseye target is a little under 12 inches in diameter.

Shooters are divided into two basic categories: F-TR (Target Rifle) and F-Open. The main difference between these categories in Smallbore F-Class is that F-Open shooters may use a front pedestal-type rest, where F-TR shooters must use either a bipod or sandbags. For either category, a rear support is allowed under the rifle butt, such as a “rabbit ear” bag, a gloved hand, or a sandbag. For both categories, the rifle is restricted to a weight of 18.18 lbs, including anything affixed to the rifle (scope, bipod, etc.). Both are unrestricted as to the power of scopes that may be used, so long as the rifle is within the weight limit.

If you plan to compete in Smallbore F-Class, below is a list of equipment you should bring:

  • Rifle chambered in 22LR – bolt action or semiautomatic. No rifles with tube-fed magazines are permitted. Any power scope is permitted, so long as rifle does not exceed weight limit.
  • Front rest, bipod, or sandbag
  • Rear bag (“rabbit-ear” style bag is acceptable)
  • Shooting mat
  • At least 100 rounds of ammunition. Match-grad subsonic ammunition is strongly recommended, but not required.
  • Spotting scope and stand recommended, but not required.
  • Sun screen, insect repellant, and drinking water are highly recommended.