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Aurora Sportsmen's Club Guest Instructor Calendar

Sheepdog Response

Tactical Hyve

ATX Precision -  Book all 3 Courses and get a Wiebad Waxed Canvas Mini Fortune Cookie Lightweight Fill bag for Free ($95 value)

Brittany Mae (Point Firearms Training)

Carry Trainer

Vanilla Gorilla Security

Tim Herron

Gat Guns

Long Range Rifle Class Dates:    

  • 4/16/2023
  • 5/21/2023
  • 6/25/2023
  • 7/30/2023
  • 9/24/2023

Kinetic Consulting

Alpha Koncepts

SOB Tactical

Safer USA

Long Range Rifle Class Dates: Info and registration please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    

  • 4/22
  • 5/27
  • 6/17
  • 7/15
  • 8/13
  • 10/2

Fieldcraft Survival

Spartan Tactical

Lions Defense

Frank Proctor Shooting

Sportsman’s Resource Training

Warrior Poet Society – Registration Links “Pending”

Haley Strategic (Travis Haley) – Registration Links Now Live