Chicagoland's Premiere Sports Shooting Facility.

Range Facilities Offered at ASC:

Main Entrance to Facility

Address: 7749 Rueff Rd, Waterman, IL 60556

All instructors will receive a gate code to access our electronic gates for their students and staff.


5 Range Bays approximately 25 wide x 25 yards deep

  • Bays 1-4 are identical at 25x25.
  • Bay 5 is setup to be an extended length in the future, but is usable at 25 yards deep currently.
  • This picture also shows our new range building with classroom spaces that will be completed in March of 2023.


3 Bays 30 wide x 30 yards deep. 1 Bay approximately 50 wide x 100 yards deep

  • Bays 6-8 are identical at 30x30 yards
  • Bay 9 is 50 wide and 100 yards deep


Long Range Bay 100 wide x 600 yards deep

  • The 600 yard bay has wing berms at 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500 yards.
  • Currently we have a portion covered, and will complete construction of an elevated shooting structure in 2023.


Rendition of our elevated shooting platform slated for construction in 2023: