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Alpha Koncepts

Alpha Koncepts Guest Instructor Program

Defensive Pistol 1 & 2 – Come one or both days!

Critical Pistol Skills is the first phase of our Defensive Pistol program which teaches students the skills they need to prevail in a gunfight.

Let's face the reality that most concealed carry classes are basic in nature and don't really prepare the shooter for real-life and death situations. Critical Pistol skills will make you unconsciously competent with the use of your firearm. It'll become second nature, like driving a car.

In Critical Pistol Skills you'll learn:
- Drawing and Firing from the Holster.
- Multiple Targets.
- Rapid Firing.
- Multiple Reloading Techniques.
- Dealing with Malfunctions.
- Point Shooting, AKA Threat Focus Shooting.
- Stress Inoculation, shooting under stress.
- And More.

Unorthodox Shooting Positions places you in uncommon shooting positions that could happen in a real life defensive gun use. Based on real life occurrences, our second phase in our Defensive Pistol program teaches the shooter what is could be like to defend yourself while seated, laying, or from behind cover.

-Shooting while moving.
-Shooting from various positions such as -kneeling, seated or laying.
-Learning the difference between cover and concealment.
-Learning to utilize cover for your protection.

Knowing how to safely and properly shoot from an unorthodox or unusual position isn’t something you’ll likely figure out in a gunfight. Understanding accuracy while shooting on the move is something you’ve got to experience to understand. Enter Defensive Pistol 2, Unorthodox Shooting Positions.

Alpha Koncepts launched the Defensive Pistol program in 2014 and since then has continually improved the curriculum year after year. It's your turn to become a master of your firearm.

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Event Properties

Event Date November 12, 2022, 9:00 am
Event End Date November 13, 2022, 5:00 pm
Range/Location(s) E-1